FROM HORIZON TO GROUND – A Material Approach to Photography
This conference paper was given at the Space, Place and Art International Seminar at the China Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou, China in June 2016. It discusses the work of Sonja Braas, Noémie Goudal, Stephen Gill, and Thomas Sauvin. The paper discusses their work as both a visual and a material practice, but argues for an approach to photographic discourse that emphasises the photograph as a material rather visual artefact embedded in a series of physical practices and flows that extend far beyond its frame.

This is the seminar programme:

SSG [site/seal/gesture]
This paper was presented at the International Association of Visual Urbanists conference at the British Library, London in 2015 ( and later at Renmin University of China, Beijing in 2015. Here, I talk about SSG, a long-term collaboration with an archaeologist/artist and our work on military ruins along the Thames estuary and the south-east coast of England.

This short film was also shown at the International Association of Visual Urbanists conference at the British Library, London in 2015. The film incorporates footage from a visual ethnography of London’s infrastructural landscape from the Lower Lea to Silvertown, Canning Town, Beckton, Woolwich, Creekmouth, and Barking Riverside. There is also a short essay describing the thinking behind the film below. The soundtrack is a field recording of Jem Finer’s Longplayer project, which is permanently housed in a lighthouse at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London (

Point/Vector from FragmentedCity on Vimeo.

Recording Process and Rhythm in Experimental Archaeology
This is a paper presented at the European Archaeological Association annual conference in Glasgow, 2015 ( Here, myself and Lia Wei discuss a project we undertook in southern China, replicating Han rock-cut burial tombs in Banan, a mountainous area close to Chongqing.

Two interventions: Replicating Han rock-cut tombs in the sandstone mountains of Chongqing, China and creating fragments of a tomb the chalk cliffs of the south-east coast of England. A film shown at the WAC-8 conference in Kyoto, 2016.

Experiments in Chalk and Stone: From Abandoned Caves to Future Ruins from FragmentedCity on Vimeo.

Fragmented Townscape considers the historical layering of infrastructure in Manchester and its relation to disuse and creativity. It was concieved as a counterinterpretation of Gordon Cullen’s Concise Townscape, which considers the visual coherence of cities.